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Inserting, removing, or simply editing PDF content is no longer exclusive to highly-priced and complex PDF editing tools, such as Adobe Acrobat Pro. iCareAll PDF Editor is a 100% free and feature-rich app that allows you to edit and enhance your PDF files just as if you were working on your favorite word processor. You can now change the page layout, add or remove content (both text-based and graphical), add sections and foot notes, columns and page numbers, and change the orientation of the text just as easily as in a Word document.

It is as if the program would convert your PDF file into an Office document and would offer you a Word-like editor to work on it. That is the first impression you get as soon as you open a PDF file with this tool. Regrettably, not all PDFs are displayed as expected. This free app seems to have serious problems both with certain character sets and with the overall layout of the original PDF. Unless the source file has a really simple layout, chances are that paragraphs, images, certain lines of text, headers, footers, and even fonts get all scrambled when you open it. This is a serious drawback that makes everything else that the program offers completely useless. And this free tool has a lot to offer.

The look and feel of the program’s interface will strongly remind you of probably the most famous word processor. The ribbon-based interface comes with nearly all the sections that you usually find in Word or Writer, and the best thing is that all the features and functions in these sections are as comprehensive, straightforward, and easy to apply as in those top-notch text editors. Paragraphs are resized, text is reflowed, and the overall layout is adapted to the new content in a very similar way as a word processor does. Thus, in the Home tab you will find all the elements you need to edit your text – fonts, sizes, colors, headings, tables, alignments; cut, copy, and paste tools, etc. The Insert menu will let you add freehand drawings, lines, clip arts, and images, while Page Layout comes with options for columns, margins, text direction, page breaks and borders, etc. There are also tabs for References (tables of contents and footnotes), Review (spell checking), View (with various display options), and Section, for contents pages and navigation.

As you can see, iCareAll PDF Editor has all the elements the WYSIWYG PDF editing tool we’ve all been dreaming of for years should have. It is just a pity that this free and terribly promising tool has such trouble opening and displaying more complex PDF files, thus making useless such a useful plethora of features and functions.

Francisco Martínez
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  • WYSIWYG editing features
  • Word processor look and feel
  • Support for images and other graphical content


  • Faulty display of characters
  • Alters the appearance of the source PDF file
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